Eleven Plus one year course:

The 11+ course is designed for Years 5 and 6 children working to gain entry into selective independent and top grammar schools. This course covers the required syllabus of Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English (grammar, structure, vocabulary and cloze etc.).  English comprehension and story writing offered separately.

Preparation for CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) and NFER / GL (National Foundation for Educational Research) Examinations is covered within the course.

The classes run from the 1st week of October to the last week of September. There will be 42 weeks of lessons and 10 weeks holidays during this year. It is unlikely that a student can join mid-session, however you may check with us if there is any vacancy. The enrolment will be subject to meeting the required standards in the free assessment.

Pre – Plus one year course:

The Pre-plus course is designed for Year 4 children who are working to gain entry into selective independent and top grammar schools for secondary education. This course helps your child to develop the key skills and confidence from an earlier stage.

Eleven Plus Mock Exams:

Dates and details will be provided closer to the time.


Following subjects are covered:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Maths
  • English*

* English includes grammar, structure, vocabulary and cloze etc. that are needed for the 11+ exams. English Comprehension and story writing are offered separately.