1. All educational material and lessons (including all examples and illustrations given or made by Acuiti Tuitions) are strictly educational and are not, and shall not be construed as, a recommendation, solicitation, prediction or advice on how to make decisions for your particular circumstances. You agree that you make decisions for your particular circumstances.

2. You agree that your investment is in workbooks only, and that these are offered on an ‘as is’ basis. All free extras such as lessons are included at the discretion of Acuiti Tuitions, and may be withdrawn without refund for any reason, including and not restricted to, abusive, violent or disruptive conduct on the part of parent or child. Tuition or classes may be withdrawn without notice, or venues or times changed, as venues are not controlled by Acuiti Tuitions. You agree that Acuiti Tuitions shall not be liable as a corporate body for the actions or words of teachers, tutors, Centres Managers or third parties, who are directly liable, nor is Acuiti Tuitions liable for factors beyond its control.

3. All complaints arising out of the Client’s contract with Acuiti Tuitions must be submitted through complaints process in writing. A home assessment and or a home tuition may be offered in cases where it could help to resolve any problems or complaints. This is at the discretion of Acuiti Tuitions. There is no guarantee of provision, or quality of, lessons.

4. Acuiti Tuitions sole purpose is to educate and promote growth. Acuiti Tuitions cannot guarantee any entries to a grammar or private school; it simply aims to set your child on the right track through Workbooks and Lessons in Maths, English and Science. Your child’s effort and parental commitment is always a large factor in fulfilling potential. You understand that this contract does not affect or limit your statutory rights

5. Acuiti Tuitions may use licensed third-party technologies from time to time in order to deliver highly quality online learning in addition to its printed workbooks. While all attempts are made to ensure stability and availability of technologies used by Acuiti Tuitions, the company cannot get guarantee use of the service due to problems with hardware or software beyond its control. You, as the customer, are solely responsible for all service, telephone and/or other fees and costs associated with your access to and use of the Services and for obtaining and maintaining all telephone, computer hardware and other equipment required for such access and use.

6. Acuiti may make changes to its service from time to time to help improve our service, including service levels, plans, promotions and pricing, and we reserve the right to include you in or exclude you from these tests without notice. We may improve, change or remove features, pricing, and other aspects of the Services and make other changes at any time without notice and these Terms will continue to apply changed Acuiti service. You agree that we will not be liable to you or to any third party for any such modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the site or the Acuiti services.